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Certified Auto Body Shop

We are one of a select group of auto body shops certified by Toyota and Lexus Canada. Additionally, we are a dealer certified body shop for Hyundai, Genesis, Subaru, and Honda. This demonstrates our commitment to safety, quality, and customer satisfaction.

As an environmentally responsible facility, we recycle our solvents and comply with local environmental legislation.

Our technicians have access to manufacturer's information and are trained to meet factory specifications.




Car-O-Liner Electronic 3D Measuring systems.

Our measuring systems can record with outstanding accuracy every inch of your car. Those measurements are compared to the original factory measurements of your car and only then do we correct/straighten your car's frame, ensuring every inch of your car is restored to its original factory specifications.



Car-O-Liner Frame machines

With 360 degree pulling capabilities, our top of the line equipment can restore the frame of your car to factory condition by applying force in the right direction with extreme precision. Before we release any car, We ensure your car's frame exceeds the manufacturers' safety standards.



Smart ProSpot I5

Our state of the art smart spot welders can automatically read the density of all metals to be welded. Smart welders self adjusts taking human errors and the possibility of a faulty repair away. The machine clears all welds before performing the next weld.





Our body shop has 3 downdraft spray booths and 4 paint preparation stations to ensure factory finishes and the cleanest possible paint. We are one of the select few collision centres in North America with 12 angle electronic colour matching equipment to ensure colour-match accuracy.



Factory Pre and Post Scanning

Because we maintain our Factory Certifications, we have access to factory scanners that are updated consistently, while aftermarket scanners (which most auto body shops use) are often not updated for 6-12 months. Cars these days are more computer than engine and restoring those computer systems is just as vital for the safe operation of your car as any other repair we perform.



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Don Valley North Collision Repair Centre

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